NAME:     Dr. Tara Sen Thakur
AGE:        37 years, born on 19 Jan, 1982.
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
SPOUSE:Dr. Sanjeet Singh


Dr. Tara Sen Thakur
Asstt. Professor in Botany
Govt. P.G College Mandi
Himachal Pradesh – 175001
Phone: +7018127900
Mobile: + 9857879790

My Guide and Mentor

 1.My P.hd.Guide

Scientist-G, Scientist In-charge (Himachal Regional Centre)
Address: G.B.P.N.I.H.E.S.D., Himachal Unit, Mohal-Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India.Phone:  (Code: +91-1902) 260208, 260313 Fax: 260207 Mobile: +91-9816316318

2. My Mentor

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
164/3 Jail Road, Mandi HP 175001.
01905-222810; 9418181323;;

  • He brought me out from pure academics of the subject and initiated me to get connected with people through popular articles on local wild growing food plants. My forthcoming book, “SOME WILD EDIBLE PLANTS OF THE WESTERN HIMALAYAS” written in joint authorship with him and being published by IIT, Mandi, several newspaper articles on wild growing edible plants and even this web site is the result of his advice and continuous encouragement.

 Ethnobotany and Biodiversity conservation with special focus on wild Food Plants.


 Ph. D from Department of Botany, Kumaun University Nanital, Uttarakhand (2014)
 M.Sc in Environment science from Sikkim Manipal University (2008)
 M.Sc in Botany from Jiwaji University Gwalior (2004)
 B.Sc from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla H.P (2002)
 Senior Secondary from H.P Board of School Education Dharamshala, H.P (1999)

 High Secondary from H.P Board of School Education Dharamshala, H.P (1997)

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT: Qualified State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) (Accredited by UGC New Delhi)

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR of Research Project entitled “Traditional Processing of Wild Edible Plants of Six Tehsils viz Kotli, Mandi Sadar, Sunder Nagar, Padhar, Joginder Nagar, Thunag & Chachoit of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, , Their Medicinal Nutritional & Economic Potential Plus Value Addition by Analysing Scope for Latest Processing Techniques.” Allotted and Funded by DST (Department of Environment and Sciences), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.


 Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Govt. P.G College Mandi H.P (10 th June 2010 –Till Date)
 Warden, Girls Hostel, Govt. P.G College Mandi (June 2015 – Till Date)


 Worked as a Facilitator in Mid Himalayan Watershed Project (2006 – 2009)


 Research Paper Titled “Diversity, Endemism And Economic Potential of Wild Edible Plants in Rissa khad Watershed of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.” Published in Journal of Non-Timber Forest Products, Vol. 20 (2) : 155-164, 2013.
 Research Paper Titled “Diversity, Distribution And Indigenous Uses of Medicinal Plants in Rissa Khad, Watershed of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.” Published in Journal of Non-Timber Forest Products, Vol. 20 (3) : ,

 Research Paper Titled ” Diversity, Nativity and Sustainable Use of Forest Flora of Watershed Rissa Khad” Published in Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Science 5(2), 74-84, 2017.
 Research Paper Titled ” Fuel Resource Of Watershed Rissa-Khad In H.P. India, Their Diversity, Assessment And Utilization Pattern For Conservation And Management” Published in International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, Vol. 8, Issue, 11, pp. 21580-21586, November, 2017. ISSN: 0976-3031

 Research Paper Titled “ Ethnobotany plus Nutritional, medicinal, economical potential and sustainable use of Rhododendron arboretum spp. arboreum in watershed Rissa-khad of Distt, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. Published in IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences (IOSR-JPBS) Volume 12. pp 64-68;e-ISSN:2278-3008, p-ISSN:2319-7676; 2017.

 Research Paper Titled “Threat Categorizations and Conservation Prioritization of Floristic Diversity of watershed Rissa-khad for Socio-economic Development” Published in Published in International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, Vol. 8, Issue, 12, pp. 22516-22522, December, 2017. ISSN (Print): 2454 – 7492
ISSN (Online): 2347 – 4114
 Research Paper Titled “Diversity, Distribution, Nativity And Utilization Pattern Of Fodder Species In Watershed Rissa- khad, H.P. India” Published in International Journal of Current Advanced Research,Vol 7, Issue 1(D), pp 8974-8978, January 2018. ISSN: O: 2319-6475, ISSN: P: 2319-6505,

 Research Paper Titled “Nutritional, Medicinal and Economic Potential of Khanor (Aesculus Indica) For Socio-Economic Development of Tehsil Thunag of District. Mandi Himachal Pradesh, North West Himalaya.” in IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) e-ISSN: 2319-2402,p- ISSN: 2319-2399.Volume 14, Issue 2 Ser. II (February. 2020), PP 15-20

Paper Presented in 3 rd Annual National Conference on Science: Emerging Scenario & Future Challenges –III Organized by Him Science Congress Association, 11-12 April, 2015, Vallabh Govt. P.G College Mandi, H.P.

 Paper Presented in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on “Science: Emerging Scenario and Future Challenges” 11-12 June, 2016, Dharamshala, H.P.
 Paper Presented in National Conference on “Higher Education: Issues and Challenges” organized by Himachal Government College Teachers’ Association on 18-19 September, 2015, at Hotel Peterhof Shimla, H.P.

Paper Presented at national level conference at Govt College Dehri, titled “Diversity, Distribution, Nativity and indigenous uses of Genera Euphorbia in Rissa- Khad Watershed of Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh”. 9th March, 2019.

Presented Paper and Stood first at International Conference titled” Nutritional, medicinal and economic potential of Genus Euphorbia at watershed Rissa-khad” from 10 to 12 August 2019 at V.G.C. Mandi.

Presented Paper at International conference on “Distribution, nativity and indigenous uses of Taraxacum officinale, its medicinal, nutritional and economic potential for socio-economic development of watershed Rissa -khad of Distt, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India” at HPU Shimla from 9 to 10 September  2019.

 Participated in 1 st State Level Conference Hosted by Department of Economics Govt. College Sarkaghat, Distt. Mandi (H.P) 27-28 February 2012.
 Participated in Workshop on Word, Power Point & Internet at Vallabh Govt. P.G College Mandi, organized by Department of Computer Science VGC Mandi, H.P.
 Attended a Seminar on Consumer Protection & Empowerment organized by Govt. College of Teacher Education, Dharamshala (H.P) at Govt. P.G College Mandi in Collaboration with Centre for Consumer Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.


 Co-author of UG level text book Titled ” Biodiversity” by Truemen’s Publication
 Co-author of UG level text book Titled” Plant Anotomy& Embryology” by Truemen’s Publication
 Co-author of upcoming book on Some Wild Edible Plants of Western Himalayas by IIT Mandi Publication


Organizing secretory of  an International Conference on” Natural resource management for socio-economic development of Western Himalayas ; Opportunities and Challenges” from 10 to 12 August 2019


Organizing secretory  of one week national level workshop in botany department of vallabh Government College  Mandi; since 14 May to 21 May on “Nursery and gardening techniques of medicinal and ornamental plants” in collaboration with department of forest.

Organised    one day workshop on biodiversity conservation programme along with G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development Himachal unit Mohal-Kullu in March 2017.


 Attended four weeks Orientation Programme at UGC-HRDC HPU Shimla, Since 8 th May, 2017 to 3 rd June, 2017.


 Attended two weeks refresher course on Plant taxonomy and Ethnobotany at MDU Rohtaksince 7 th Oct, 2018 to 21 st Oct, 2018
 Attended three weeks interdisciplinary refresher course on women empowerment at UGC-HRDC, Banglore, since 26 th Feb, 2018 to 19 st August, 2018.


 Attended two weeks Induction Training Programme since 17 th August, 2013 to 31 st August, 2013.


1. Member of editorial board of International Journal on Environment,            Development and Sustainability

2.  Member, Him Science Congress Association