An article about Euphorbia royleana published in Government Newspaper of Himachal Pradesh Giriraj on dated 8 July, 2020.

Domestication of wild edible delicious vegetables Dioscorea bellophylla -Tardee.

This wild vegetables is a seasonal delicacy and known to have high market value.Usually it is sold in late winter or spring season.A variety of food preparation can be made with its airel bulbils and underground tuber.Tuber go very deep in soil,so its harvesting is problematic and time consuming. For ensuring sustainable and easy harvesting its domestication need to be promoted among masses.With this objective seeds were distributed to a few members of Gutkar SHG District Mandi Himachal Pradesh. Tardee grow as a vine and can be planted in pots.clay or plastic waste container in limited space.even in cities.Its large cultivation and marketing will be helpful for socio-economic upliftment of local people of Himalayan region

Awareness for domestication and use of Opuntia dillenii  under the Student For Development #SelfieWithHerbalPlants initiative.

Online presentation for students of Indira Gandhi National Open University through Facebook IGNOU page regarding promotion of wild food plants, their sustainable use and harvesting.

A new article published in Himachal Tribune on role of wild edible in rural prosperity on dated 14 March, 2020.

One day workshop on Mushroom cultivation techniques for skill enhancement.

Awareness program on sustainable development or Eco-Club students of Vallabh Government Mandi.

Rangoli, declamation and poster making competition

Interaction with school children for awareness regarding sustainable harvesting and use of Wild Food Plants.

New article about Euphorbia hirta published in Government Newspaper of Himachal Pradesh Giriraj on dated 12 February, 2020.

An Invitation for Invited Talk on Role of Wild Edible Food Plants In Rural Prosperity.

Promoting sustainable harvesting and use of Wild growing food plant by intersecting with members of women group ( Mahila Mandal of village Bada Gaon.

Interaction with members of Self Help Group in a village of Tehsil Padhar of district Mandi Himachal Pradesh for promoting use and sustainable harvesting of wild edible plants and opting them as a mean of livelihood and entrepreneurship .

New article about Urtica dioca published in The Tribune on dated 14 December, 2019.

Interaction with the members of Self Help Group in Village Maghawadh of Tehsil Jogindernagar, District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh for promotion of wild edible food. Members were encouraged to use wild edible as raw and after value addition for income generation.

A news paper article published in Tribune, dated 23 Nov,2019 along with Dr Chiranjit Parmar about edible uses of Euphorbia royleana.

An educational tour to botanical garden maintained by Indian Institute of Technology Kamand with students of Bio-Sciences.Such type of tour refresh students, connect these young minds to nature along with providing first hand learning experience.

A newspaper article on Dioscorea bellophylla published in Divya Himachal on 5th Oct,2019.

An excursion tour of Ethnolbotany and Eco-club students to Forest Research Training Division Davidarh for collection and demonstration of medicinal plants.

Tree plantation program with borders of girls hostel,members of Eco-club and student organisation.500 students actively involved in planting of 4000 species of Syzygium, Phyllanthus, Punica, Prunus and Quercus at and around newly constructed Helipad of District Mandi Himachal Pradesh.

Organised an International conference on “Natural Resource Management for Socio-economic development of Western Himalayas; opportunities and challenges” is being Organised by Vallabh Government College, Mandi (H.P.) from 10 to 12 August,2019.

Article on wild edible (Dioscorea spp. ) published in Giriraj dated 17th Aug,2019.

News on 11 August, Newspaper.

News in 1 August, Amarujala Newspaper.

Article on wild edible (Traxacum officinale ) published in Giriraj on dated 7th Aug,2019.

Article on wild edible (Lingad ) published in Giriraj on dated 27th June,2019.

Article on wild edible (Dioscorea spp. ) published in Amarujala on dated 7th June,2019.

Article on wild edible (Pyrus pashia-कैन्थ ) published in Giriraj on dated 8th May,2019.

Organised a National level Interdisciplinary workshop on Nursery and Gardening techniques from 14th May to 21st May 2019.

Glimpses of National level & days workshop

Article on wild edible (Nasturtium officinale – Chhooch ) published in Giriraj 5th March, 2019 and Shabdmanch on Dated 1st April,2019

Article on wild edible medicinal plants published in Shabdmanch on Dated Giriraj 24th February, 2019.

Artilcle on wild edible(Reinwardtia indica – Peenyan) published in Divya Himachal on Dated 24th February, 2019

Artilcle on wild edible(Dioscorea spp.)published in Divya Himachal on Dated 6th January, 2019

Artilcle on wild edible(Medicago polymorphia – Khokhna,Stellaria media – Padyaala) published in Divya Himachal on Dated 30th December, 2019